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This stunning estate consists of The Farmhouse, a fully renovated hay barn called The Bear’s Lair, and a clearing with full Glamping capabilities conveniently located next to the Tipi's, all masterfully designed by an award-winning interior designer. The estate is ripe with lush, manicured gardens and a serene walking path around the perimeter of the surrounding forest, offering friendly benches and scenic areas near natural ponds. 




The Farmhouse

Perfectly positioned on three incredible landscaped acres is our breathtaking three-bedroom Georgian period farmhouse. The home features brilliant design elements such as custom wall murals that have been hand-painted by our very own interior design mastermind.


Each room showcases its own unique luxuries, from the guest rooms to the bridal suite, which occupies the entire top floor and includes a jacuzzi bath. To complete the high end feel of the property, a polished garden spans across the acreage surrounding the home, matching the splendor of the opulent indoor finishes. 

The Bear's Lair

The Bear's Lair offers an eccentric variation on the farmhouse. What was once a hay barn is now a one-bedroom circus-themed rustic industrial cottage.


With hints of jazz-inspired decor and lavish furnishings, The Bear's Lair brings an entirely unique experience to life while maintaining the extravagance of the farmhouse. A private courtyard garden elevates the outdoor space as well, and a indoor jacuzzi promises blissful relaxation. 




For guests who prefer to totally immerse themselves in nature, we offer a camping experience like no other.


Connected to the main tipi clearing by a lighted path is a smaller, more intimate forest clearing where glamour and the outdoors merge to provide you with an upscale Glamping affair. You and your merry band of revelers can create a Glamping village where you can relish in the natural richness of the land. 

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