The Entrance

Designed to impress from the very beginning of your Royle Forest journey, our handmade rustic swan gates guard the entrance to our 200 acre magical woodland.


These majestic gates, custom-crafted in our very own workshop and hand-burnt with our unique logo, hang between two grand stone pillars. Entering the enchanted estate is an experience that only becomes more magical as you are led through the gates, down the forest drive, and toward the clearing where the real magic happens.  

The Ruined Archway

As if entering the property through the swan gates was not mythical enough, the next step on your Royle Forest journey is through a time worn ruined archway.


You’ll be taken back through the ages as you walk through the antique stone architecture. Our dignified archway grants passage to the charming forest walkway, setting off your spellbinding stroll through nature.

The Forest Walkway

After stepping through the ruined archway, you’ll be led through the enchanting trees down The Forest Walkway. As you wind your way along the path, you’ll find yourself totally engulfed in nature.


Our forest walkway becomes nature’s corridor, moving you closer and closer to the extraordinary tipi clearing. When the sun goes down, the walkway transforms into an otherworldly aisle illuminating your path with festoon lighting.  

The Ceremony Area

In the heart of the forest lies The Ceremony Area. Tucked deep in nature’s embrace, the ceremony area is home to an idyllic stone chapel. This picturesque structure allows you to seal your union in any weather and becomes the perfect backdrop for your friends and family to watch as you exchange vows with your beloved.


In addition to the stone chapel, the ceremony area also offers a canvas-covered quarter complete with 250 year old church pews to accommodate all ceremony styles and desires. 

The Tipi Forest Clearing

At the conclusion of the forest walkway, the trees part to create The Forest Clearing. This expansive clearing forms a circle that houses our main attraction: the tipis. Our tipis are made of the highest-quality canvas and converge together to form an impressive structure. Five tipis in all, our canvas compound is made up of four giant hats and one midi tipi. Two are used for seating, one is dedicated to the dance floor, one hosts the bar and cocktail area, and the smallest is the chill out tipi which is a intimate whiskey lounge


The firepit courtyard that separates the tipis from the forest is bridged with a wooden decked walkway that continues to span throughout the tipis, welcoming guests into the celebration. On the outside of the tipis lies an elegant garden, accented with intimate fire pit features. Between the cozily situated forest clearing and our one-of-a-kind tipi design, our venue offers you the experience of a lifetime on your special day.